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Holidays in Sousse

On the eastern coast of Tunisia and two hours from the capital, Tunis, lies Sousse, "the pearl of the Sahel”. The mildness of its climate, its calm and beautiful coast and the hospitality of its people has long captivated those who came to conquer. Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines and Arabs settled in this lovely "fertile city" each leaving their imprint and heritage. No wonder modern day visitors from all over the world find themselves at home and return again and again.

The resort area of Sousse is perfectly integrated into the city and the visitor welcomed to participate in its exuberance. Visit the museums and the Medina with its tiny colourful shops overflowing with silver jewellery, pure wool blankets, copper and carpets. The area bustles with activity under the towering walls of the Ribat Fortress.

As the 2nd largest city in Tunisia, Sousse has been a maritime town since ancient times. There are old European districts with wide avenues that present the image of a busy and modern city. Close to the port is the Medina and its monuments which date from the middle ages. Within the ramparts of the Medina are the Ribat Fortress, the Great Mosque and the Kasbah Tower.

Many hotels are situated along the main tourist route from Sousse to Port El Kantaoui, and along this route you’ll find a wealth of shops, restaurants, cafes and nightlife. On the beaches during the summer, you will find many water sports including parascending, wind surfing and jet skis.

Close to the centre of Sousse are the ‘Tej Marhaba’ and ‘Slim’ shopping centres which are covered, fixed price, shopping centres and offer a wide choice of boutiques, small restaurants and bistros.

Sousse is 30 minutes away from Monastir airport and 2 hours from Tunis airport.