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Holidays in Hurghada

Hurghada Introduction

Hurghada, on the western side of the Red Sea, is one of Egypt’s top resorts and is modern, vibrant and ideally placed to enjoy all the many facilities and sightseeing that can be organised from here. What was once a small fishing village is now a major resort in its own right and boasts a range of excellent facilities and an imposing sea front and marina. It’s also a great starting point to explore some of Egypt’s vast wealth of historical riches, most notably in Luxor and Cairo.

Why Choose Hurghada?

Snorkelling, scuba diving and sailing are just three reasons to visit Hurghada but there’s a lot more than that. The superb climate, delicious local cuisine, great shopping and impressive sightseeing & excursions are also high on the agenda and, a huge plus, it’s only 5 hours from the UK. There’s something for everyone in Hurghada and it really does cater for all ages and all tastes.

Best Time to Travel

High summer can be very hot in Egypt so the best time to visit Hurghada is any time between September and June. The weather is perfect in spring and autumn with ideal temperatures and cloudless skies but the winter months, too, are perfect for sunbathing, swimming and sightseeing. The sea is warm throughout the year.

The Resort

Hurghada is situated on the Red Sea coast with an impressive mountain range behind the resort beyond which is Egypt’s eastern desert. The desert separates the Red Sea from the River Nile, approximately 5 hours away. The resort is modern with a wide range of shops, bazaars and nightlife but there’s also an old quarter, Saqala, which is close to the harbour area. There are plenty of minibuses and cheap taxis to get you around the resort and, of course, there are bars and restaurants and good nightlife.

Eating & Drinking

From local tavernas to superb international restaurants, from family-run cafes to sophisticated cocktail bars, Hurghada has a selection of places to eat and drink to satisfy just about every taste. There’s something for everyone, especially if you like to sample middle eastern and local African dishes.


Sightseeing from Hurghada is a traveller’s delight. There’s so much to see and do it’s difficult to know where to start but, obviously, an excursion to see Luxor and the River Nile is an absolute must. Here, you’ll be able to experience, amongst others, the Karnak Temples, the Valley of the Kings and, of course, Tutankhamun’s tomb. You can also get to Cairo and back in a day and there are also local excursions such as the dolphin safari and the star watching experience.

Night Life & Shopping

There are music bars and night spots to appeal to most tastes in the resort centre, from pop to rock and, for serious shoppers, there are plenty of places to snap up some great bargains. There are shops and stalls selling everything from local spices to hand-beaten copperware, from hand-woven rugs to the finest leather jackets. It really is a great place to haggle and get the best possible price.